Heal with Sound

What is sound healing therapy?


Sound healing is a gentle, yet powerful, practice that uses audio tones and vibrational frequencies in order to repair damaged tissues and cells within the body. Because “healing” is not an isolated phenomenon, not only is sound healing good for the physical body, but for the emotional, mental, and spiritual body as well.

How does sound healing work?

Everything has a resonant frequency (AKA a natural sound) whether we can hear it or not. This includes every organ in our body, every tissue in that organ, and every cell that makes up that tissue.

What are the benefits of sound healing?


Private Sessions & Small Groups

Small Groups (3-5 people)

$80 (1 hour session) — $16-27/person

This is a great experience for a small group of friends or family that would like to experience the true power of collective healing energy. Together, we create an intimate and safe space that is perfect for

PRIVATE / Bring a Friend

$60 (1 hour session) — $30-60/person

This personalized experience is created with the receivers’ intentions and soft spots for healing in mind. We will talk through some of your current challenges, to whatever extent you wish to share, to give me the best insight in order to tailor the sound healing to each of your specific needs.

Eczema Small Group Workshops

Heal your skin, and heal with sound!

$40/person (2 hour workshop & sound session)

Heal your skin, and heal with sound!

Customer Reviews

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“Cassie is such a talented sound healer. She's kind, caring, and able to tailor the sound healing to your needs and wants. Going in my session, I was feeling a bit exhausted and tense. Afterwards, I felt rejuvenated and back in my body. I felt super supported by her, and her warm presence made me feel at ease.” - Jeremy J. (Session: Small group)

“I loved that I had my first sound bath with Cassie. It was a much more motivational and relaxing experience than I could have imagined. I felt like I was able think with clarity and was able to let a lot of my stressors go. I highly recommend everyone having this experience for themselves. I feel that anyone can take something positive from this experience, even if you are not “into” spirituality or are skeptical about sound healing.” - Vy N. (Session: Small group)

“Sound Healing with The Nat Nurse was powerful and moving. The sound bath and guided meditation left me feeling like I just had an hour long massage! If you need peace and relaxation in your life, this sound healing is for you!” - Arriana R. (Session: Small group)

“This was truly a great experience. I was interested to learn about the aspects of sound healing, both spiritual and science-based. I was very comfortable before, during and after the session. I was so relaxed after the session and felt as if I’d had a full night’s rest. I’m grateful for the experience and hope to continue with sound healing.” - Lane R. (Session: Small group)