Video: Healing Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW) & Severe Eczema

This is the most vulnerable post I’ve ever made in my life. I NEVER thought I would share this first video before I was done healing, for fear of judgement, rejection, being treated differently, and being seen as an outcast or a freak - This is what the VAST majority of people experiencing topical steroid withdrawal (TSW) fear every day. We try so hard to hide this HUGE thing that affects us literally every second of every day for fear of being judged or thought of differently.

However, after having an unexpectedly eye-opening experience over the New Year, I’ve realized the great NEED for me to share some of the hardest parts of my life and my healing journey with you now.

Healing from severe eczema and TSW, this is how much dead eczema skin I’ve come to shed almost DAILY, during (and for months before) every single post you see on this account. This is what other eczema and TSW warriors also experience while healing, sometimes for YEARS, until they are eczema-free.

I’ve chosen to share this now because being SEEN, living GENUINELY, and REFUSING to let fear dictate my life are the most productive things I can do for my physical, mental, and spiritual healing. So as HARD as it may be, I need to share my experience, fully LET GO of the fear of judgement and rejection, and hope this inspires others to do the same.

Wherever you are in your journey, I hope that you NEVER be ashamed of your illness, your disease, your PROCESS, or your healing, because it’s what makes you the strong, inspiring, RESILIENT person that you are ❤️🙂 If you have ANY QUESTIONS at all about my experience, even if you feel awkward asking, PLEASE ASK. I wouldn’t share such intimate posts if I didn’t want to educate others about it or share this healing process with you. Thanks for reading and happy new year 🌱☀️