Video: Eczema, Anxiety, & Panic Attacks - How to Cope with Increased Anxiety

15 million people in the U.S. suffer from anxiety, and people with eczema are MORE likely to suffer from anxiety than people without. My healing journey with eczema has caused a tremendous increase in my baseline anxiety, and 3 months ago I started having full-blown panic attacks, largely because of my skin.

In this video, I talk about:

First half - My personal experience with eczema and anxiety and what my anxiety attacks are like

@ 4:28 - What to do when you feel your anxiety increasing or if you are having a panic attack (or if you know someone that this happens to)

@ 6:38 - The #1 thing you can do to decrease your baseline level of anxiety These tips are ESPECIALLY helpful when you're caught in a bad itch-attack, feeling like you're about to scratch your skin raw, as well as if you know someone with eczema and/or anxiety and would like to know how you can help when they are having a hard time.