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I’ve suffered from severe eczema for over 15 years. For most of my life, I’ve used conventional medicine’s go-to solution of topical steroid creams and oral drugs. In 2015, I finally stopped using steroids when I couldn’t deny any longer that they were doing my body more harm than good. I went through topical steroid withdrawal (TSW), but my eczema never really subsided. In 2017, I learned about the natural, holistic approach to healing eczema, and I embarked on my own healing journey of truly ridding my body of eczema for the first time in my life. I hope my story provides encouragement, comfort, and hope to others who suffer from eczema and inspires people to live their happiest, healthiest lives.
— Cassie J.

Who is the Naturalistic Nurse?

Cassie Jaravata is a registered nurse in Los Angeles, California. Since she began her journey of healing her severe eczema naturally, she has become passionate about advocating for an integrative approach, utilizing both conventional and alternative philosophies, to help people with eczema live their most natural lives.